About Us

Goettsch Dispatch & Grain has a long history of hauling grain and livestock. Merlin Goettsch, grandfather of Andy Goettsch and a Purple Heart recipient from WW II, started Goettsch Dispatch & Grain back in the late 1960’s. Andy’s grandfather and his father, Tom Goettsch, prided themselves on delivering grain and livestock at fair and reasonable prices. More recently Andy Goettsch added gravel hauling to his hauling services, realizing that bringing back an empty truck was not an efficient use of his hauling services. Goettsch Dispatch & Grain covers about a three-hundred-mile radius around their home base in Galva, Iowa. Another important part of Goettsch Grain & Dispatch are their employees. They have upwards of 30 employees and Andy considers them part of the Goettsch family.

Service is what sets Goettsch Grain & Dispatch apart from other haulers and Goettsch provides a robust full service approach which includes grain vac and load and haul services. Goettsch even provides grain buying for his customers as well. Goettsch Grain & Dispatch has 25 grain hauling trailers, 6 livestock trailers, 6 belly dumps and 1 dry van. Grain vacs are also available if needed.

Andy believes that his service is unique because they are fully customizable which sets him apart from other haulers. Because of the ability to be flexible he can usually save his client’s money.

Andy Goettsch

Andy is a Galva native and currently resides in Storm Lake, Iowa. He volunteers in many capacities in the area and is a member in the Knights of Columbus, former mayor of Galva and does may charity activities for the St. Mary’s parish as well as many other charitable contributions.